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A well groomed and healthy dog is a happy dog. Coat maintenance is very much a team job between the owner and the groomer. For us to be able to groom your dog to your requirements, we need you to ensure the coat is well brushed between appointments. Not only does brushing your dog keep it comfortable and in good health but you are also more likely to notice abnormalities, infections and parasites if you are regularly  grooming your dog at home. 

We like to recommend finding a zone in the house that is a designated grooming zone. if possible, this should ideally be on something like a table. By having a designated zone, this will help your dog to recognise the brushing routine and understand that whilst it's there it needs to stay still for you to brush. Many owners try to brush their dogs on the sofa, but this is a dogs safe place and somewhere where it likes to cuddle so they often don't appreciate being brushed here. 

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e.g golden retriever, border collie, german shepherd, husky etc.

needs regular brushing to prevent build up of dead undercoat and tangles. You should brush your dog every other day and use an undercoat rake and slicker brush. Only wash when dirty. A high velocity dryer will also help to remove dead undercoat, a normal hair dryer will dry slowly but will not have the power to blast the dead coat off. For short double coats dogs (like labradors) use a furminator/Shedmaster.

We recommend 2-3 months between grooms

Smooth coats.jpg

e.g french bulldog, smooth haired dachshund, boxer etc.

These coats rarely need brushing. Use a rubber brush called a zoom groom once a week to reduce shedding. Only wash when


It is totally up to you if you wish to use a groomer for these coats or manage them at home but keep a regular check on nails

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e.g lhasa apso, tibetan terrier, spaniel, schnauzer, old english sheepdog etc.

needs regular brushing using a slicker brush and metal comb. Weave an elastic band between the teeth of the comb in order to naturally strip out any excess coat. Only wash when dirty.

We recommend 6-8 weeks between grooms

Wire coats.jpg

e.g border terrier, fox terrier, airedale terrier etc.

These coats are very low maintenance but still require brushing weekly with a slicker brush and metal comb. Only wash when dirty.

We recommend 2-3 months between grooms

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regularly wipe your dogs ears using ear wipes, in particular if they get quite waxy. for brachycephalic dogs like pugs and french bulldogs, you will also need to regularly clean the creases in their face in order to prevent dirt build up and infection. You should regularly check the length of the nails, ensure that they aren’t curling in to the pads or causing your dog to walk funny. If cutting the nails yourself, be careful not to catch the quick as this can be painful! Remember we cover nail cutting as part of our grooming service for just £5! Also check pads and between toes for things like grass seeds, glass or matts. consult vet if you notice; redness, bleeding or discharge

We also recommend to check your dog all over regularly for any abnormalities, parasites or signs of infection. When you regularly brush your dog, you are more likely to spot things early on!

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