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We are still permitted for welfare grooming, however we please ask that you look at the images below, as well as reading the following advice to consider if your dogs needs are for welfare:

- Is your dog matted? If the matts are only just starting to form, can they be brushed out by yourself? Do you have a dematting tool and detangling spray and can the matts be removed with this? If these cannot be removed by yourself or they have developed in to more severe matting then you will need a welfare appointment. (From £15 for removing forming stubborn matts. Breed standard groom fee + £15 for full dematting groom) Please note that if they require a full groom then the dematting service will be a full clip off.
- Are your dogs nails overgrown? If they are only slightly long and not causing discomfort then this can wait. We would suggest getting a dog nail file for the meantime or walking them on pavements to help naturally file the nail down. Can your dog place their foot flat on the ground still or are the nails stopping them from doing so? Are the nails curling in to the pads? If so, then you will need a welfare nail clipping appointment (£10)
- Is your dogs hair growing in to their eyes? If the fur is just starting to grow out from their last groom they will be fine for the time being. It is if the fur is causing discomfort to the eye, or if they suffer with their eyes anyway (in particular shihtzus) then you may need a welfare eye trim appointment (£10)
- Is your double coated dog malting? Most double coats can be maintained at home, as much as having them blasted out at the salon gets better results, home brushing with either a deshedding tool such as (for shorter double coats like labradors) or a coat rake (for longer double coats like collies and german shepherds) will keep on top of the coat for the time being. If your dog's coat is past this point and is starting to look tufty, building up in vast amounts and coming out in clumps and possibly matting, then they will need to come in for a welfare groom (Breed standard groom fee with an additional charge from £10 for the extra welfare work required)
- In other terms, can you maintain the coat for an extra month or so or is it absolutely vital that your dog requires a groomers attention immediately?


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In line with the strict Covid-19 regulations, we will be following strict guidance in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe. All customers must follow this protocol for the foreseeable future.

General Information

  • Please ensure if someone is in the reception that you do not attempt to come in until they have left. And please give them space to exit.

  • if you feel you or anyone you have been in contact with may have corona virus, please do not attend the appointment and contact us immediately

  • It is important to outweigh the risks of the virus to your personal situation and proceed with caution if you or anyone in your household is vulnerable before booking an appointment with us.

  • Please make sure that at all times that you are respecting the rules set out by the government, as these are ever changing, it is important that rules are not broken.


  • Appointments will be booked in order of cancellation from our closure date 19/12/2020 up until 13/04/2021, we also have a waiting list for those not pre-booked. Any pre-booked appointments for after 13/04/2021 will be cancelled and will need to be rebooked once we return to normal.

  • When booking your appointment, we will send a payment link which must be paid by the end of the working day. This is to both secure the appointment and to minimise contact on the day of your appointment. Please notify us in advance if this is not possible.

  • If you need to cancel your appointment, we please ask that you provide us with more than 48 hours notice so that we can fill the slot in time. Late cancellations or no shows will be non-refundable. Providing we receive notice, your pre-payment will not be affected and will simply carry over to your next appointment. 

  • Drop-off and collection times must be strictly adhered to. Any appointments more than 15 minutes late will be cancelled and immediately rebooked to the next waiting client, these will not be refundable. Once your dog is ready to be collected, if you are more than 15 minutes late to collect we will be charging £5 for every 10 minutes. We will generally give about a 20 minute warning for collection, please advise us if you need more notice.

  • For obvious reasons, we will currently not be able to have owners stay with their dogs. If your dog is aggressive or nervous and requires supervision, unfortunately at this time we would advise that you do not book an appointment. In this case, please seek advice from both us and your vet of what your options are.

  • In the event of a second wave or if Natalie or Gemma show symptoms of the virus, we will close the salon to ensure everyone's safety. If this happens, your prepayment will be kept as credit on the system for when we reopen. If you would like this refunded, please let us know so that we can process this for you. 

  • Please ensure when booking your appointment that you are booking the most suitable day for you. Although we are happy to reschedule if needed, the wait to reschedule may be fairly long.

Your dog's coat condition

  • When booking your appointment we will be checking with every client about the dog's coat condition. Please be honest about this. It's very important that we have the correct information so that we can allocate the correct amount of time and set an appropriate charge for the pre-payment. If you aren't sure of your dogs coat condition, please use a metal comb on them to check (check all areas of the dog) . If it glides easily through the coat then this should mean that the coat condition is good. If it catches in a few areas but generally glides well then this is slightly knotty and we might be able to work with this. If you struggle to get the comb through at all then they are matted. 

  • Due to the limited time we have, we will not be taking extra time to remove matts to try and save shaving off. Therefore if we cannot brush the knots out, we will be shaving the dog in order ro remove the matts as quickly and pain free as possible. 

  • If you have not advised us of matting and your dog is matted, you will need to pay the extra charge on the day. Where possible we will send this to you via payment link as soon as we notify you and this will need to be paid by the time of collection. We may not be able to finish your dogs groom if you have not advised ahead of matting as we will be working under a strict time constraint, but we will do what we can in the time allocated. It is important to note that dematting charges are mainly to cover the equipment damage as matts blunt blades.

How each appointment will work

  • If you are booking in multiple dogs on the same day, please bring them all at once.

  • When you arrive for your appointment (please do not arrive early), press the buzzer and Natalie will buzz you in. You must use the hand sanitiser to the right of the door upon entering. There is a hook on the wall to the left of the door for you to attach your dog to. Simply pop the lead handle over the hook. We can then discuss any requirements you have whilst you remain by the door. If you do not feel comfortable coming in to the salon, you can simply release your dog in to the reception area and close the door, we can then discuss any requirements you have via the intercom system on the buzzer. Please do not sit down or come up to the reception desk

  • Natalie will be wearing a mask at all times.

  • When collecting your dog please again follow the buzzer procedure and use the hand sanitiser. We will have your dog secured to the loop for when you arrive so that you can simply unattach them and leave. Please do not buzz at the door until your dog is secured in the reception area, if your dog is still on the table they are not finished and we can therefor not let you in. Please refrain from getting your dogs attention until they are secured as it makes it very difficult to continue the service when they are excited to see you return.  If you were unable to pay via the payment link, we will take your card payment at this stage and will have the card machine at the door for you to use. 

  • After each dog we will now be following our usual clean down routine in the grooming area. This is why it is important the you drop-off and collect on time. In this time we will need to clean tools, wipe down the grooming table and bathing areas. . 


  • Sadly until we return to normal, we will be putting our £5 photoshoot upgrade service on hold. This is to prioritise getting through our appointments first.

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