In line with the Covid-19 regulations, we will be following guidance in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe.

General Information

  • If you feel you or anyone you have been in contact with may have corona virus please do not bring your dog to us.

  • It is important to outweigh the risks of the virus to your personal situation and proceed with caution if you or anyone in your household is vulnerable before booking an appointment with us.

  • The salon is now open for retail as well as bookings. Please note we can only have one customer in at a time.

  • Please make sure that at all times you are respecting the rules set out by the government

  • Please pay by card only

How each appointment will work

  • If you are booking in multiple dogs on the same day, please bring them all at once.

  • When you arrive for your appointment (please do not arrive early), press the buzzer and Natalie will buzz you in. You must use the hand sanitiser to the right of the door upon entering. We will have a hook on the wall for you to attach your dog to. Simply pop the lead handle over the hook.

  • If you do not feel comfortable coming in to the salon, you can simply release your dog in to the reception area and close the door, we can then discuss any requirements you have via the intercom system on the buzzer.

  • Natalie and any assistants will be wearing masks at all time whilst working with your dog and whilst serving customers

  • When collecting your dog please again follow the buzzer procedure and use the hand sanitiser. We will have your dog secured to the loop for when you arrive so that you can simply unattach them and leave. Please do not buzz at the door until your dog is secured in the reception area, if your dog is still on the table they are not finished and we can therefor not let you in. Please refrain from getting your dogs attention until they are secured as it makes it very difficult to continue the service when they are excited to see you return. 


  • If you would like to book a post-groom shoot, this can be booked for an extra £5.

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