This selection box makes the perfect birthday present and also allows you to sample a variety of treats in small amounts. If you have a fussy dog, this is a great way to work out what they do and don't live to save you money down the line. The contents of this selection box:

  • Duck Wing 
  • Duck Neck
  • Kangaroo Jerky Stick
  • Chicken Jerky Stick
  • Tripe Jerky Stick
  • Fish Fingers / Cubes
  • Fish Sprats
  • Tuna & Trout Bites 
  • Natural Health Supplement & food seasoning 
  • Lamb Tripe Chew 
  • Chicken Wing
  • Lambs Liver 
  • Turkey, Chicken & cranberry Training Bites
  • Lamb Spaghetti Sticks
  • Venison Sausage 
  • Chicken Fillet Chunks
  • Chicken Feet
  • Rabbit Ear Naked
  • Pigs Ear
  • Buffalo Jerky Chew

Bilbo’s Bones - Surf & Turf Selection Box