Monty's new natural venison / deer gullet sticks are made from tender muscle meat which is low in fat which makes this natural treat the perfect low-calorie snack for your dog. There are many differences in the quality deer gullet meat currently available within the UK market with many other brands importing poor quality products from countries such as India and China.

At Monty's Natural Treats all our raw meats come from British farms, we then trim and cut our venison gullet into perfect 12cm long sticks and air dried to perfection within our own manufacturing unit based in Kent. Your dog will adore the natural rich venison flavour this treat has to offer while benefiting from its low-fat health benefits. Try it out, your dog will love it!

Our venison gullet comes in bags of 5 pieces. 

(150g net weight)

Bilbo's Bones - Venison Gullet Sticks