Our natural buffalo trachea (windpipe) is naturally air - dried and 100% buffalo trachea. 

Manufactured in the UK and carefully sourced meat from British farms. 

Dogs enjoy the smell and taste of buffalo trachea and is a great long lasting chew for some breeds. Trachea is also beneficial to your pooches teeth & gums as when your pooch chews this treat, at the same time its removing a build up of plaque and tartar. 

Our Buffalo trachea are quite big and are more suitable for medium to larger breeds of dogs, however these are not suitable for puppies younger than 16 weeks or dogs with bad teeth / elderly dogs. 

Comes in a pack of 4. Approx dimensions: (product) 25cm Long and 4cm Thick or singles

Bilbo's Bones - Buffalo Trachea (4 Pack)