Wild boar cubes are made by Monty's Natural Treats within the UK and sourced from British farms.  Our cubes are made using 100% wild boar meat which is naturally air-dried, smoked and compressed into our moulds then conveniently cut into small cubes for you to give as a training reward or to fill a treat ball or toys. 100g Great for filling pockets for long walks as these do not crumble.  


Composition: 100% Wild Boar Meats 

Nutritional Information: Protein: 75% Fat: 8% Moisture: 7% Ash: 4.2% Fibre: 5.8%  


Free from: Gluten, Dairy, soya, Sugars, Egg, Wheat & Grains, Our treats are also free from additives, preservatives and artificial colours & flavours. Although our treats do look tasty and are made using human grade meats, these are not for human consumption.    

Wild Boar Cubes