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Since opening the salon in December 2019, we have worked really hard to grow our retail section. We began with just a few selected products but we now have a whole range of products on sale!

You can find all of the following in our retail section

Natural Dog Treats  .  Raw Food  .  Brushes  .  Shampoos

Detangling Spray  .  Perfumes  .  Bow Ties  .  Bandannas   .  Birthday treats

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We believe in only the best for our dogs and yours, so we only sell natural dog treats in our salon. There are many brands that are full of all sorts of additives and derivatives, but not here! As well as natural dog treats providing more nutritional values, they are also less fattening and help to produce a healthy coat (just what we like!) They are also much less likely to fuel hyperactive dogs. Highly processed treats cause irritation and create an imbalance in the gut flora, which is integral for positive mood and good mental health, so your dog's mental health can be much better when fed naturally too! As well as all of this, natural treats have been proven to aid dogs in good dental health.

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Much like natural treats, raw food promotes a lot of the same values, and it smells and tastes great (for the dogs at least!) We personally found when feeding bilbo as a pup that he got bored of the healthy kibbles and wet foods that we offered him, and he was often leaving half of his dinner behind. Since starting him on raw food, he has cleared the bowl in 2 minutes and always licks it clean. "dinner" soon became bilbo's favourite word after starting him on raw feeding, so we can certainly say that he's a huge supporter of this type of feeding! 

Lots of people believe that raw feeding is expensive or complicated, but it doesn't have to be! With complete minces (we sell these in 500g packs for £2 and 1kg Packs at £3.60)  all you have to do is find out the amount that your dog needs per day and simply serve the amount in to their bowl.  Of course if you want to branch out a little, you can DIY your dog's meals, in which case we also have plain minces, chunks and bones on sale so that you can create an exciting dish for your dog all by yourself! Even if you aren't brave enough to do this all the time, your dog will love a raw bone occasionally chucked in their bowl with their mince - and bones are great for their teeth!

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When working out your dog’s daily nutritional requirements we recommend taking into account your dog’s activity level, age and weight. You also need to consider your pet’s current weight, are they overweight? Or could they benefit from gaining a little extra weight?

There is no hard-and-fast rule, but a dog weighing over 10 kg should consume roughly 2% -3% of their body weight in food every day.


As an owner you should be watching your pet’s weight, if they are becoming heavy then feed them a little less and if you feel they could do with more coverage then increase their daily amount. Ideally you will feed your pet their daily amount over 2 meals during the day.


For your puppy we would recommend around 5% – 8% of their bodyweight (over 3 meals a day)


As a rule of thumb the following applies but we must stress all dogs are different:

1kg – 2kg 10% of bodyweight

3kg – 4kg 7% of bodyweight

5kg – 8kg 5% of bodyweight

9kg-10kg 3% of bodyweight

10kg and over 2% of bodyweight

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Now we are going to talk toilet business....


One of the massive perks for us humans with dogs on a raw diet is that their poo is much smaller and easy to pick up, and it also composts down much quicker too! Because they are only eating the nutrients they need, rather than being full of things like sugars, grains and derivatives, their bodies have much less rubbish in them, meaning they don't need to get rid of quite so much

The easiest way to tell if your dogs is getting the right balance on raw is their poo (don't worry, it doesn't need close inspection!) If their poo is looking pale and has a chalky type texture then this indicates too much bone, if their poo is slightly runny then this indicates not enough bone. If their poo is quite dark and runny then this indicates too much offal. A balance raw poo should come out in fairly small size nougats that are easy to pick up and smell less too! 

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