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Woofs and Washes (est.2017) is a loving dog grooming and photography studio located in Buckingham. After exploring career options, Natalie came to a realisation that running a pet services business, with hopes to expand in the future, was the perfect idea for her and so Woofs and Washes was born. 


Natalie's two main passions in life are animals and photography. As a trained photographer, she has merged these two things together to create an even better experience for customers. She also completed her City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 qualifications in dog grooming in August 2017, studying with the Groomarts Academy. Since then, Natalie worked hard to launch our mobile dog grooming van (no longer running) which successfully opened that November (2017). 


In October 2018 we were lucky enough to add a  furry friend to the team!  Little bilbo, born August 9th 2018 is our first dog and is an absolute superstar. Bilbo loves to come to work with Natalie and is usually roaming freely in the salon, he likes to bark when people come in but this is only because he wants attention. If you give him a fuss he will soon be quiet! If your dog is good with other dogs, we usually let them have a quick play in the salon before we start the groom, this is to create a positive memory for when they next come to the salon, rather than just being the "dreaded groomers"


 As you will see from many of our photos,Bilbo is also a keen model and such a poser, not that he had much choice with natalie's photography skills! If you'd like to keep updated on bilbo's life, you can follow him on instagram and facebook!


in December 2019  we proudly opened our new dog grooming salon and photography studio in the buckingham town center. This venture received many great reviews and ran sucessfully for 3.5 years. Offering professional portraits after every groom, dog grooming services, teeth cleaning and a huge range of both raw food and natural treats, it really was the dream. We also operated as a team of 3 with both Nicola (working on saturdays) and Sophie (working thursday-saturday). Unfortunately in February 2023 we made the announcement that our salon will be closing and our final day of operating at cornwall place will be 15th April 2023. After this, we will be moving to West Well Farm, Unit 12, Tingewick and will be renting tables at the mutt hut - but don't worry, we are still very much woofs and washes and you can visit all 3 team members at the new location!

In January 2024 Natalie will be moving to Australia to start a new adventure, but both Nicola and Sophie have plans to continue the legacy of Woofs and Washes and work with all of our clients, so fear not, Woofs and Washes is here to stay!

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Our aim is to always do what is best for the dog. At woofs and washes we believe in educating our clients to keep their pups as healthy as possible and to work as a team to acheive this.

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